o n e y e a r

One year ago I married my best friend. Kevin and I have been together for 10 years and married for one. We rushed our wedding a bit and planned it in just three months, starting right after having Maxwell and getting married when he was only three months old! Yeah... I would NOT suggest this to anyone. What happened was, I won a giveaway from one of my favorite photographers, Cassie Rosch and she was going to be in Big Sur where we wanted to have our elopement on that weekend so we said, why not?!

We were going back and fourth with eloping with only the two of us and Max and our pup Lilly, but then wanted a few people there, we were torn. So we decided the best thing to do to not offend anyone would be to throw it out there that we were getting married and they could come if they wanted to.

Problem was, they did.

So before we knew it we had almost a dozen friends and family members coming in from NY. We decided to rent an Air bnb in Carmel Valley for everyone to stay at. What happened next was anyone's nightmare.

Family can really suck sometimes.

My soon to be in laws decided on the way over (yes, literally on the way over to the house from the airport) that they hated my childhood friend for being a recovering addict and would not stay in the house if she was there.

So, in short, The weekend of our wedding was NOT spent celebrating us, no, in fact we were hardly thought of. Instead the weekend leading up to our ceremony was spent getting into screaming matches and sobbing and fighting and dealing with drunken fools fighting with each other because our so called family and friends couldn't put aside their shit for a day and focus on someone else other than themselves.

That being said, most of the people that flew out that were genuinely there for us and did not partake in the drama (thanks guys, you know who you are)

When we arrived at Pfiffer Beach for our ceremony (We almost didn't make it because everyone got lost....) it was pure magic and bliss and Kevin and I were finally alone and Cassie took the most AMAZING photos of us. For our ceremony, Kevin's cousin married us and his brother played one of our favorite songs on guitar and it was just perfect. Suddenly, non of that bullshit even mattered anymore. No matter how hard those miserable selfish people tried to bring us down they couldn't...and that pretty much sums up our whole life. Because we are where we are now because those people drove us as far away as possible in the first place. And you know what...we couldn't be any happier in life.

We never truly told those people how much they ruined that weekend for us. How horribly selfish they are and how much we resent them for it. They were terribly drunk while it was all happening, we were not, so we remember the whole miserable thing. I hope one day they know. Or maybe they will read this (whoops).

SO ANYWAY. Those photos and that magical blissfulness that we felt is what we want to remember for the rest of our lives and what we want to celebrate every year. So we decided that every year on our anniversary we will go back to Big Sur BY OURSELVES like we should have to begin with.

Here are some of our amazing photos by Cassie Rosch, and above photos from our anniversary trip. We tried to recreate some of the photos (using a self timer, haha) I think next year we'll have Cassie come photograph us again.