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  • How many photos are included in my session?
    All of my sessions included all edited digital images. I carefully curate an album for your family with beautifully edited images. I usually tell my clients to expect about 50 photos with a mini session and at least 100 with a full session.
  • When can I see my photos?
    My turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks after our session. Keep in mind, my busiest time of the year is around the holidays and I do my best to get photos to you as quickly as possible!
  • What should I wear to our family session?
    I get this question so much and what I tell people most is to make sure you are comfortable and love what you are wearing. Stick to neutral colors or colors that complement or match each other. I love pulling inspiration from pinterest or instagram for outfit inspiration. I have put together a Family Style Guide as a pinterest board for you to browse through! Most importantly, be yourself! If you hate dresses, don't wear one. Husband won't wear the sweater you want, tell him to wear his favorite tee. And most of all, if your kid hates what you make them wear, they are likely going to be pretty cranky and miserable in the photos no matter what. If they'll only wear that ONE Spiderman shirt or Frozen dress, or insist on carrying their dirty old stuffed animal the whole time, GO FOR IT! I love that, it tells a story of who they are, its a moment in their life you might have forgotten otherwise if it wasn't in the photo.
  • How do I prepare for my session?
    Yay! You booked that family sessoin you've been meaning to book forever! Now what? Sometime people can feel overwhelmed and feel like they need to shop for outfits for the entire family and buy new furniture for their photos at home, other time families don't think about what they will wear until that morning or don't pick a single toy up off their floor before having me over. I've seen it all! Personally, I am someone that plans a lot for things, but I know not everyone is that way. To save yourself from stress and chaos I definitely reccomend planning your outfits a week before, that way if you realize you want to change something, or if your kid (or husband) hates what you picked out, it's not a surprise an hour before you're supposed to show up to the shoot and you will have time to change it. I can't stress it enough to my clients that you don't need to come totally dressed up or go out and soend a ton on new clothes for the whole family! Feel free to dress casual, be yourself and wear what makes you feel good...or go ahead and treat yourself to something new because that's awesome too! You can visit my Family Style Guide here. Next, get your kids (and husband) super stoked on our photo shoot. It is going to be FUN, I promise! No cheesy prom photos or matching awkward family photos, we are going to have an adventure and a ton of laughs and create memories you guys will be SO thankful to look back on. If you have any poses or styles in mind for your session, let me know! I love when clients bring some inspiration to their shoot and love putting my own spin on recreating things and executing your vision! Lastly, PLEASE be ready for the session when it starts! Be dressed, fed, clean your house a little, think about if parking takes a while, please be on time. It you are late to the session or arrive not dressed, that eats into the time we could be shooting!
  • Why can't I book a mini session year round?
    I only offer mini sessions for a brief period in the fall and spring. I do not do them year round because they take a lot of work to coordinate and are considered a special priced event. If you'd like to know more info on when and where my next round of mini sessions will be, sign up for my email list to be the first to know!
  • When should I do a newborn session?
    I usually reccomend 1-2 weeks after birth for a newborn session. Any longer and your newborn isn't as willing to be posed photographed and may start the baby acne stage. Of course, more important than anything else is to listen to your body and know when you are ready to have photos taken!
  • Will you bring props to my newborn session?
    Yes! I have a few carefully selected props I bring to my newborn sessions that you are more than welcome to use during your session. I make sure everything is clean and washed and ready for your sweet babe to snuggle up in.
  • Is a mini session enough time for our shoot?
    My mini sessions are 30 minutes. Usually, that is a perfect time to get a good amount of photos done! I'm super quick and can get a lot done, that being said, mini sessions can be a bit hectic. If you think your child will need a lot of time to warm up to me and my camera, if its your first ever photo shoot, or if you want to take the time to go slow and not stress, maybe think about a full session! Also, I definitely do not reccoment mini sessions with newborn babies, for newborn sessions we definitely need the time of the full session to go at their pace!
  • Can I do a mini session at home?
    No, sorry I do not offer in home mini sessions. When I plan mini sessions I actually do several on each day at that very same location back to back. If you would like an in home session, it would need to be a full two hour session. The full session is great because we can start at your home and then go to a location of your choice!
  • My child is super shy, what is your advice?"
    I was a shy kid, I know how hard it is to break through to shy kiddos and get that genuine smile in photos. I definitely reccomend that if you have a shy or nervous child that you do a full session and not a mini session. By doing a full session, we can start slow at your home and your child can warm up to me, show me their favorite things and feel safe and have fun with me before we go out to an outdoor location to shoot. I always have the best luck with kids when we start at home first! If you have your heart set on a mini session thats fine too! The best advice I can give is to pick a location they are familiar with, maybe even their most favorite place or let them choose! Let them pick their outfit, get super excited about it, dress them in something they are comfortable in and feel confident in. Bring their favorite toy or anything they need to feel safe. Plan to do a fun family activiity after the shoot too if possible, go to a playground, get ice cream. I love kids and am usually pretty good at getting them to smile and feel safe and happy. Let them be themselves and dont stress!
  • Do you travel?
    Yes! I love to travel! I mostly shoot in San Francisco, where I live, but I am happy to travel anywhere in the bay area and beyond. Travel fees may appy depending on where it is.
  • What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy?
    I do not charge for rescheduling family sessions. I'm a mom and I know things happen, kids get sick get black eyes, it rains, ect. I'm happy to reschedule as long as my schedule allows for it! Mini sessions may be tough to reschedule since they often sell out quickly, but I will always try my best to accomodate you! If you absolutely need to reschedule or cancel PLEASE let me know as far in advance as possible. Like I said, my mini sessions book up quickly and I have a waiting list of clients eager to get their photos taken! For weddings cancellations you will forfeit your deposit, for wedding reschedules I am happy to accomodate with no fee, as long as my schedule allows for it.
  • How are you staying safe during COVID-19
    I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19 as of March 2021! I believe in science and protecting my community. My family and I have been taking every safetly procaution possible and staying safe and protected and not traveling. I will be wearing a mask for our entire session and I find it easy to keep a 6ft distance most of the time while shooting. No touching is involved and i wash or sanitize my hands frequently.
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